By the Brit. Ship Edward, 351 Tons Register From London,

– 1850 Ps. Iron.
– 1080 Yrds. Printed Brit. Cotton
– 4000 Plain Cotton
– 186 Doz Handkerchiefs
– 30 Casks & 8 Crates Earthenwares
– 24 Dozen Brown Ale
– 3 half h.heads Sherry wine
– 1 of Port wine
– 54 Cases Glasswares

By the Brit. Brig. Cecilia, 198 Tons Register From Batavia

– 180 Bags of Wheat
– 18 Cases French Brandy

By the Brit. Brig. Heaplee 160 Tons Register From San Fransisco

– 550 Piculs Sugar
– 30 “ Oak Wood
– 18” Black Pepper

By The China Junk, 300 Tons From Hailan

– 2 Piculs Lard
– 3 ‘ Dried Fruits
– 7 In No. Horses

For Sale


Adjoining the Singapore dispensary, Commercial-Square.A valuable & choice selection of venerable British, French, China and Good from the Americas.

China pattern and silks available for ladies dresses. Crapes, cashmeres, shawls and scarfs. Fine wallpapers and printed adorning. Crystal glassware and Chandeliers. English Blue Cloth Caps. Gents Silk and Plain coloured socks. Braces, Garters, Neckerchiefs.


Callahan & Co of 2 Union Street in San Fransisco, Messenger, maketh oathsaith that he (this despondent) where he was afflicted with nearly SIXTEEN wounds of varying nature for which the despondent was admitted as an outdoor patient there where he continued nearly Four Weeks but was unable to find a cure there. Boarding the Brit. Brig. Christine in 1857 landed here for further medical consultation.The medical officer of this establishment, one Dr Robert, had told that “the only way of saving his life was fresh equatorial air.”

To Be Let

Several spacious and dry godowns conveniently located in commercial thoroughfare. Apply in person to the printer of this paper at the following hours:

Mon 16:00 – 12:00

Tues/Weds – 16:00 – 01:00

Thurs – Sat – 16:00 – 02:00

Sunday – Nill


Knowledge gives you the life of three hundred years in thirty so endeavour to make learning a daily constant. Embrace challenge and always be surrounded by those greater than thee. Visit Huddleston and Son’s learning emporium

16 North Canal Road Level 01,

A steep price

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